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“ Ah, Yes! Openness! As the universe speaks, be open. As the universe collaborates, communicates, and intertwines with Life force energy, be open. Luna reminds those on earth to flow with the changing seasons, to ride the tides with ease and grace. Be open to the messages of the soul. Embrace the natural resting cycles, for when one is open, shall reveal depth, wisdom, and understanding. Be open in dream state or awakened awareness, there are signs and messages for the journey. Be open to the treasure hunt of the soul. The Light that shines on the shadows of life, reveals truth and strength. Dig deep, without fear, nor self judgement, so that these precious treasures may be discovered and now utilized for one’s growth and enlightenment. We say again, Be Open! Be open to the awe and wonder of the Divine in and around you! “

Channeled message through J.Hew/Molokai Mystic, from her Divine Team.


Janeel Hew, Molokai Mystic

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