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A Sneak Peek!

"With all the faith my little four-and-a-half-year-old self could muster up, that is exactly what I did, I asked to be made an instrument of healing. And so it is! I put more lotion in my hands and as I rubbed them together, I prayed as hard as I could. Then, when I went to continue massaging my mother, my whole technique instinctively changed. My hands gently touched her skin, and I could feel the energy shifting, moving and flowing. There was no need to push or rub and squeeze anywhere, anymore. This was my special massage! And I have been called hot hands ever since. But nowadays, folks know this technique as Energy Healing. Today, because I accidentally on purpose answered the Call, I continue to be an instrument of Divine Healing as an Energy Healer and Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Did I have any idea at that moment what I would be doing today? Not at all. At that moment I was focused on helping one person, my mother. The Divine however had much, much bigger and better plans in the manifestation of my intention. Which I am eternally grateful for."

Is your passion being utilized to answer your Call today?


Janeel Hew, Molokai Mystic

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