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The Contemplative Mystical Me

Well now, isn't this a pretty little Pandora's Box I have just opened? My Guides never cease to amaze me regarding the direction of my next steps. Do you care to join me and see where this leads?

As I ponder the title of this blog,

(Yes, my Guides give me the title, then I go with the flow)

I am drawn to ask myself, "Why is it that the name 'Molokai Mystic' resonates with me so deeply?". What I do know, is that my first and most constant Divine Assistance is Divine Source, through my deep connection with Jesus. Of course, now this question still leads to another, then another, and then yet still more questions for self.

Why is this, you may ask. Because I am a contemplative! Not merely in that I am one to engage in long thought, but rather because I devote my life to prayer. Therefore, each question becomes a prayerful seeking, a meditative practice of sacred time with the Divine for infinite understanding and with infinite understanding comes infinite possibilities! The deeper one seeks the more treasures one finds.


What answer did I give to my original question,

"Why is it that the name 'Molokai Mystic' resonates with me so deeply?"

At first, I thought that it was because it is the name my Divine Team suggested, and it felt right. Yet, that is an incomplete answer to 'why' so deeply. So, I went deeper. I have many gifts, talents, titles, and certifications, which all feel right and are true. So why then is Mystic resonating so deeply?

Because it is my noun!

The other descriptions are adjectives of aspects of me,

Mystic is the wholeness of the Divineness within me and the unity of the Divineness of others in me.

Allow me for a moment to share the wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan regarding the topic of what religion is to a Mystic.

“What is religion to the mystic? The religion of the mystic is a steady progress towards unity. How does he make this progress? In two ways. In the first way, he sees himself in others, in the good, in the bad, in all; and thus he expands the horizon of his vision. This study goes on throughout his lifetime, and as he progresses he comes closer to the oneness of all things. And the other way of developing is to become conscious of one’s own self in God, and of God in one’s self, which means deepening the consciousness of our innermost being. This process takes place in two directions: outwardly, by being one with all we see, and inwardly, by being in touch with that one Life which is everlasting, by dissolving into it, and by being conscious of that one Spirit being the existence, the only existence.”

I beseech you now to take an opportunity to go deep within. To appreciate the treasures found in the adjectives of you and to discover your beautiful noun of the wholeness that is you!

What noun is your noun? Please share it in the comments if you so feel drawn to.


Janeel Hew, Molokai Mystic

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