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I Do Will it, Be Made Clean

Oh, the abundance of blessings that can flow through our collaboration with Divine Source!

Yes, my friends, it truly is a collaboration. And when we are standing in full trust and surrender to the highest and greatest good of self and others, the miraculous occurs.

Of course, these miraculous manifestations include Divine Healing, but let us not forget the everyday collaborations with the Divine. When prayer becomes our way of life, our life becomes a prayer. Simply by me writing this blog, I am allowing myself to be open to this sacred experience of Divine collaboration. I am saying "Yes" to the call and the Divine is saying "Yes" to the support.

Take for instance the photo you see for this blog. I sketched this image in 2011. Did I know then that I would be called to use it for a blog post? Of course, not...I had never even heard of a blog back then. (LOL) Yet, here it is being shared with you all. Both the sketch and the poem, like all of my work, is channeled. It is my surrendering to the highest good while staring at a blank piece of paper, trusting that whatever flowed out would be exactly what was meant to be. This is also the case of the poems that go with each of my sketches...I say to God...

"Okay. This is Your work. What do You want people to reflect on when they see it?"

And the poems begin to flow through me. So, you see, I am but the pencil, God is the True Artist.

I Do Will it, Be Made Clean

The healing of a leaper,

The visual of a touch.

The gaze of true faith,

The reward is of much.

Was it the touch of

His hand,

Or the Love in His heart?

Was it the faith of this leaper,

That played a big part?

Oh Lord if You Will it,

I know it will be so.

"I do so Will it,

Be made clean now

and go."

What have you been miraculously manifesting through your trust and collaboration with the Divine? Please share in the comments and I will hold Sacred Space to support you...We are all connected and... We Shine Brighter TOGETHER!


Janeel Hew, Molokai Mystic

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2 comentarios

Nicole Lacolle
Nicole Lacolle
05 nov 2022

It's been a while that I'm working on manifesting a deeper connection with my Team, with God, with the Angels, with my Loved ones. M intention is there, but Am I doing my part? I'm not sure. I know that I am open, but I don't know if I am "freeing enough space" in my schedule for them and that is what I want to manifest while I can still take care of my responsibilities

Me gusta
06 nov 2022
Contestando a

You have accomplished the most important piece...The intention! There is no time in the Divine Realms and therefore a second of heart filled intention is just as powerful as two hours of meditative prayer and so on. Divine Source sees our hearts and is aware of our desires in their fullness, there is no need for elaboration, only for the desire of Divine Collaboration. Holding Sacred Space for you with Love and Light! Namaste'

Me gusta
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