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Channeled Messages

Words of Channeled Enlightenment that I received from my Divine Assistance Guides!

The Angel Guide Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray.
“Romance and Connection”

“Oh Beloved, it is with great joy that we share with you this message of Love! Too often are there aching hearts dwelling in loneliness. Break down the walls and share and receive love, light and joy! Be you in a relationship or on a private journey with self, LOVE is the energy, the power source, and the Light of the True Journey. Your heart wants to be seen, be heard, and be shared. For it is this Love Light from within that is the True connection between Heaven and Earth. Once again we say, Break down the walls. Allow oneself to share to the fullest and to receive to the fullest. Broken hearts and lonely lessons are not meant to prevent one’s heart from the giving and receiving of love, but rather to gain the higher perspective of all that could be, all that is meant to be, all that is possible and resonates with your soul. Although at times, these lessons may feel meant to harden one’s heart, see beyond, past the pain, and find the gift of awareness of what your heart is calling for and what your heart acknowledges as not being in alignment with your highest good. Oh yes, Beloved, we are aware of the pain of grief as well. One may ask, where is the lesson of this broken heart? Trust…all is Divinely Orchestrated and you are never without the company of your loved ones. Grief is the lesson of the deepest of Loves. The appreciation of Life eternal and infinite unconditional love and support, of hope, faith, and of the Infinite More within the Divine Universal Oneness that IS. It is also in this Oneness that we share with you the romance of life. Through this connection with Divine Source and the Divine within, the dance of love presents in all that one allows their heart to receive internally, externally, and spiritually…Everything is LOVE. And so it is. “ 

Romance and connection.jpg

Multi-Dimensional Oracle by Sunny Dawn Johnston.
#44 “Merlin”

“ Greetings, Way Shower. Follow the call of your voice with love and light. Speak from the understanding of your soul’s experience and the lessons will be received by those who are open and willing. So true, is the planting of the seed for those not yet prepared to harvest the abundance of understanding until Spring bears fruit. Standing in one’s True Light may bring about the desire to diminish your brilliant glow at times for the sake of human understanding, yet this way of thinking is an earthly interpretation. Keep shining and those drawn to you will be shown the path toward their True Light, in the energy of their current path, for their highest good. Trust that your Light will be received with the understanding meant for, and in the energetic vibration of each individual’s journey. Step forward in Truth, shining in the brilliance of Divine Love and the path will be opened without hinderance of infinite expansion and growth. And so it is.”


Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay.
#13 “Truth”

Guidance for a grieving heart.

“Dear Beloved, One, you seek answers to the eternal question, “Why?”. This is normal and is also appropriate. The why, leads one to the deeper answers. The deeper you seek within, the more truth is revealed, and the less external blame is expressed.
Honor the ebbs and flows of grief’s journey without judgment or self-imposed time restraints. This is a sacred time of love and remembrance, growth and a call to the embracing of the Truth of Divine Oneness. And so it is.”


Talking to Heaven by James Van Praagh.
“I feel healthy and happy.”

“ Honor Beloved, the heart’s aching. For it is an expression of the love shared. It is in this grief, this journey into the depths of emptiness that we remember the importance of life and of love. It is in the silence and in the wailing of the heart’s tears that the essence of love appear once again. The scents, the laughter, the gestures and quirks. The smallest of tokens once forgotten and stored away step forth with new found appreciation. Cry! Feel! And allow the emotions to flow through you, shifting and shaking your very core. This is how energy moves through grief, the journey of making room for the Light to shine again begins with the releasing of healing tears. Tears flowing and cleansing the depth of your soul, preparing for the understanding and appreciation of life’s “eternal” journey. Be patient with self and embrace self in the fullness of you. Meet self where you are on this path with love and grace not judgement and time restrictions. Remember that each individual’s journey is paved with curves as in the spiral. Therefore, the expectation of moving straight through the journey of grief believing that you will not have moments of pause will only bring undue pain when self judgment steps into one’s thoughts. Ever meet self where self is on this sacred path with the love and compassion that truly honors the depth of your pain, for it is a reflection of the depth of your love. You are not alone in this journey. You will never be alone. We are all with you, including those your heart desires. And so it is.


Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.
“Change & Transition Archangel Azrael”

“ With the heart’s desire to seek, comes also the openness for change, yet the humanness has desires for the familiar, what the brain translates into security. The survival of the earthly vessel has been supported by this aspect of the brain, in many events in the journey of life, and therefore is a respected resource of information. Yet, there are moments, even while the brain instinctively reacts with fear and flight indicators, survival and growth require one to respectfully move through and beyond this reaction. Would the infant that never dared roll over ever evolve into stance? Just as the doting parent supported and urged forward the infant, so too are we ever present supporting you in each step forward in your journey. And so it is”

Change and Transition.jpg

Multi-Dimensional Oracle by Sunny Dawn Johnston.
#32 Angel Numbers “Zeros”

 “Inhale Beloved, filling self with the life force of all that is Divine. Feel the Light as it draws in the serenity of loving support. Exhale into the universe all burdensome concerns, transforming them into your heart’s intentions for the highest good of self and others. It really is, in this simple act of trust, that one’s shoulders, heart, and mind are lifted into the “action” of Divine Collective Collaboration. Gift it all unto us, we see, hear, feel, and know, yet it requires the Free Will of faith and trust…step Beloved, into this collaboration. Shine outward the love and light that you are, by sending forth in trust, your intentions. In doing so, all of the support from Heaven and from Earth shall be beckoned unto to you. And so it is.” 

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