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My passion comes from
seeing the Light in others!

I am humbled to share the words from those I have had the honor to be of service to.

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Janeel is a modern day mystic with mind blowing sage wisdom. I have always been impressed with her reading on her Silly Rainbow show. They have been spot on for just a quick card pull. Last week,  I decided to dig deeper and get the Eleven card spread. The way she can interpret the cards is mind-blowing. I left my session with deep insight on why I do the things the way I do. I also left with a overwhelming sense of peace and prosperity. I am excited for my future and I am looking forward to my next session. I highly recommend Janeel for not only cards but also her Chakra clearing sessions. Thank you for all your guidance , Janeel. You are a true gift to this world. ~ R.E.


What a blessing to spend time with Janeel and experience her gift of intuition. The peace she creates to tune into inquiry and guidance is palpable and healing as is her trust! I was amazed how she is able to fine-tune her listening into formulating the appropriate questions that get right to the heart of the matter. I feel seen, validated and honored. Mahalo Janeel for graciously sharing your gifts of trust, insight and healing. ~ R.R.

I couldn't have picked a better time to have a chakra alignment with Janeel. For few weeks, things didn't feel right and at the same time, nothing was wrong. It was frustrating. Janeel brought her magic wand made of bright Holy Divine connection to Source and brought me back to the sense of peace and serenity I was longing for. I used to hear about chakra not being aligned or being over active but didn't know what exactly it felt. Now I get it. A session with Janeel isn't just about getting back into alignment, but it comes with a reading for each of the Chakras to know how to keep it in balance and that is super helpful. I feel more connected to my emotions and to MySelf than I ever was. Thank You Janeel ❤ ~N.L.

Yoga at Home

Janeel Hew, Thank You So Much for such an informative, uplifting and interesting five card read🙏❤️ Your devoted Love of the Holy Trinity Shines thru you.
On my path to become more enlighten myself I thank our Dear Lord for bringing you into my life❤️🙏✨❤️💫I feel stronger now and more Guided. Thank you again for allowing Divine Love and Healing flow thru you Beautiful Janeel as you continue your path of helping, guiding and thus healing others on their life path❤️You are Love and Light Janeel -and this world is far better ( full of Divine Love) because you too are here-now in the name of Love, Peace, Understanding and Hope🙏❤️

Sincerely , J. K. B.         

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