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Words of Wisdom from Molokai Mystic

These are the words that carry me, that support me in supporting others.

"All that's Divine, All that is True, All that is needed"

They are not just recited words, they are my intention, my prayer! I wake with them before I open my eyes. I use them throughout my day, especially before a conversation. I call on them before every session, class, and show. They are my final heart's words upon closing my eyes at night. I trust that when I call upon them that is exactly what I will receive.

For I know that I am a channel for the Divine. Left on my own, to my own thoughts, actions, and powers, I would not achieve what is required for others nor for my own mission and purpose. Yet, through these words all is elevated, ascended, and for the highest and greatest good of self and those my heart serves.

I share them with you now, for the gifts bestowed in these words are not mine. They are from and for Divine Assistance and meant to support all, for all are One and Divinely Worthy.

May you forever be blessed with all that's Divine, all that is True, and all that is needed. Amen, and so it is.


Janeel Hew, Molokai Mystic

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