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Embracing My 'Just-Ness'

For as far back as I can recall, I would say, ...and still do, by the way...

"Smile, it's just me!".

As a child, my favorite article of clothing was a t-shirt with this printed on it. I'm sure my mother got tired of seeing me wear it. Yet it was my youthful way of embracing and expressing "Me".

How the world received these words displayed across my youthful chest, however, was more than likely not in the same energy or understanding as how I embody them. More often than not, the word 'just' as used in my saying, is interpreted as something average, ordinary, barely something.

Unless of was willing to see deeper. See beyond the t-shirt and see me,

see my Truth.

You see, I love this little saying of mine not for the limited meaning that so many think of, but rather the expanded definition of this sentence. "Smile, it's just me", is offering others the opportunity to joyfully accept my wholeness in all of its strengths and vulnerabilities. Yes, of course to accept the average and ordinary me and the struggling barely something me, but there is more to this "Just-ness".

Let us take a deeper dive into the meaning of the word 'Just'.

Just, means, to behave accordingly to what is morally right and fair., fair-minded, equitable, even-handed, impartial, unbiased, objective, neutral, unprejudiced, open-minded, nondiscriminatory, upright, upstanding, honorable, righteous, ethical, moral, virtuous, principled, full of integrity, good, right-minded, straight, reasonable, trustworthy, truthful, and sincere. it means, exactly, precisely, absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, utterly, wholly, altogether, in every way, in every aspect, in all respects.

As I allow you to integrate these meanings into what just being you may mean, I leave you with one more way in which I use this sentence...

Smile, it's just me, loving you for being JUST YOU!


Janeel Hew Molokai Mystic

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2 komentarze

Nicole Lacolle
Nicole Lacolle
17 paź 2022

I do smile "just" because of YOU. You are more special than i can ever describe. Thank you for this!

17 paź 2022
Odpowiada osobie:

Aww Thank you! You make my heart smile! 😍

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